Westwood Hills Country Club



Monday February 17 :Golf Course will open at 12:00 p.m. Carts will be on paths.




MONTHLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                                 February, 2020

Elected:   Ryan Adams, Adam Ivie, and Jason Waddell were elected to serve three-year terms on the WHCC Board of Directors.


Board Reorganized:   Charles Moffitt has been elected to serve as President of Westwood Hills Country Club for 2020.    Steve Shock was re-appointed WHCC Secretary and Charlie Love was re-appointed WHCC Treasurer.


Golf Shop:            Play better golf this year!!!  I am excited to announce that I have purchased a Flightscope X3 launch monitor.  What this means to you is that you have access to the latest in technology when it comes to lessons and club fitting.

          Taking lessons is the fastest way to improve and lower your score.  Full swing, short game and putting lessons are all available.  Get the most out of your game by signing up for a single lesson or ask for reduced rates by purchasing a lesson plan.

          Club fitting also plays a huge part in lowering your scores.  Did you know that a well struck iron shot with a lie angle that is one degree off can miss your target by 8 yards from 150 yards?  A driver that is not giving you optimal launch and spin characteristics could be costing you up to 20 yards off the tee.  We can now utilize Flightscope technology to optimize your accuracy and distance with clubs that are fit to you. Stop by the Pro Shop sign up for lessons, get fit and PLAY BETTER GOLF!!!

          The WHCC range is scheduled to open the third week in February. If you are interested in joining the range club this year, please inquire in the Golf Shop.  Single membership is $250 and family membership is $350 annually. 


WHCC Men’s Golf Association: $50 Annual Dues need to be paid in the Pro Shop before 2020 handicaps can be assigned. Benefits to joining the Men’s Golf Association include USGA-GHIN updated handicap daily, Hole-In-One Club, MGA Golf League, Masters Party, and MGA Challenge Matches.



Tuesday, February 4         Ladies Game Night is back.  Gather at 5:30 p.m. – Games start at  6:00.   Open to all members. Come out and join in on the fun.


Friday, February 14 - WHCC Valentine’s Dinner Menu:


Filet Mignon Oscar w/                                                                 Seared Sea Bass w/                             Apricot Glazed Pork Chop w/

Baked Potato                                                                                   Baked Potato                                         Sweet Potato Mash

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus                                                            Bacon Wrapped Asparagus                 Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Caesar Salad                                                                                    Caesar Salad                                           Caesar Salad

Cheesecake                                                                                      Cheesecake                                            Cheesecake


Reservations are required so please call the club at 573-785-5253 to make your Reservation.

Check out our Facebook page for the flower list provided by New Leaf if you are interested in having an arrangement for your special someone waiting on you when you arrive.

Tuesday, February 18 - WHCC Board of Directors Meeting at 6:00 P.M.